Create a Website for Your Work at Home Business

No matter what type of work you choose for working from home, having a website will make you more professional, help to build your brand, and bring in more work. Potential customers and employers will usually do their research before purchase from you or be hiring you. Google and Facebook will usually be the first place they look.… Read More »

6 Blog Design Tips To Please Visitors And Lower Bounce Rates

Creating an effective and well-converting blog design can be a challenging task, whether you do it yourself or outsource to others. In reality, there is no one better qualified to determine what you want to achieve on your site than you. It is important to brainstorm and test to come up with the proper design solutions that will… Read More »

What Is the Benefits of Content Marketing in Your Business

In today’s business environment, traditional marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. Long gone are the days when people actually had to sit and watch commercials in between their favorite shows. Now they can set their DVR and skip all the television advertising. Magazine advertising isn’t as effective as it once was anymore either. People just simply ignore it.… Read More »

Own A Business, Own Your Life

What would you do tomorrow if you got fired? Most people would panic. Maybe beg. “Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” – Janis Joplin What about you? Most people are not in a position to walk away from their job and be free of worry, but if you had a profitable home business the work would… Read More »

12 Tips to Help You Manage Your Time

If you ask any home business owner what they would use more of, and you’ll probably get the same answer. The truth is, we are always going to have things to do, deadlines to meet, and take responsibility for our actions. But if you learn how to handle your time, you can work with the time you have… Read More »