5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies to You Increase Your Affiliate Sales

By | September 12, 2019

Would you like to know how to make more affiliate sales?

How do I make more commissions or maximize your profitability by promoting other people’s products?

In this video, I’m going to give you five really great tips and tricks that I think are going to help you out to really maximize your profitability and make more money with affiliate sales.

When I say affiliate sales, I’m talking about any time that you’re promoting somebody else’s product.

So, it could affiliate products like on ClickBank or if you’re in an affiliate program.

But it could also be, you know, if you’re in network marketing, you are an affiliate for that company’s products, right?

The compensation is just different.  If you are indirect sales, you’re an affiliate marketer.

Here are 5 affiliate marketing strategies to increase affiliate marketing success:

Tip #1 – Create an In Between

What do I mean by create an in between?

Well, you’re got to understand most affiliate is lazy. 

They, all they do is they focus on sending traffic straight over to the product creators sales page.  Or network marketers want to send people straight to their replicated website. 

And this just doesn’t work very well.

If for no other reason because all the other distributors or affiliates are trying to do the exact same thing, you haven’t done anything that sets you apart, right?

When you create an in between kind of like this short video that I’m creating or maybe a blog post or an article that you write where you answer some questions for people.

You can provide some value and help them solve a problem.  You basically connect the dots as to why they should take the next step.

Most affiliates are just relying 100% on the product creator to do all the heavy lifting. And the truth is they do most of the heavy lifting.

They create the product, I take care of the legal stuff, they take care of product fulfillment and orders and delivery and money handling and refunds and customer service.

But you got to do a little more than just send traffic and creating an in between like this can really help you to do that.

By the way, if you want to see exact how I create these in-between and see exact campaigns that I’ve run to earn over $14,000 in a two week period and an affiliate launch and how I become the number one income earner inside of this program..

Tip #2 – Buy the Product and Write a Review

A really great way to do this, especially if it’s an information product, is to do a behind the scenes like a screen-sharing view.

You could get a software like Camtasia if you’re on a windows computer or screen flow on a Mac and record your screen and just how them a little sneak peak of some of the things that they’re going to have access to when they get inside the program.

One of those things does is to give you credibility because it shows that you own the product.  I can’t believe how many affiliates are out there trying to promote things.  They don’t own themselves. 

You know who does that?

You know who tries to sell things they don’t believe in.  it’s called con man and you’re going to be able to sell stuff a whole lot more effectively.

When you buy the product, yourself you believe in it, you’ve use it, you’ve gotten results with it and you can transfer that belief then much more effectively on to other people.

Tip #3 – Compare Product

This is an in between is do a comparison video between your product and a similar product.  Sometimes you could be affiliate for both products.  I’ve done this.

One of the programs I promote is called elite marketing pro.  It’s very similar to another program called my lead system pro.

If you go on YouTube and you type in elite marketing pro versus my lead system pro, you’ll probably find my video because that was a comparison video.

I’ve made a lot of sales of both programs by simply doing a comparison because a lot of people are out there saying, hey, how’s this program different than this program?

If you’re selling a popular weight loss program or some sort of workout program, could you compare it to another program?

You could possibly piggyback off their popularity an say how they’re different.

You can’t cut down the other program and it must be a true genuine review.  It can’t be skewed just for the sake of being skewed.


Otherwise people will see right through you if you want us.

Like I said, if you want to see example of how I did that with elite marketing pro versus my lead system pro, just do a YouTube search and you should find that on YouTube somewhere.

Tip #4 – Have Your Own Bonuses

You’ve got to give people an incentive to want to buy from you over the other affiliate.  And your bonuses could be something as simple as a 30-minute phone call with you.

It must be a short little a report or an eBook, something of value, some extra blog posts that you’ve hidden on your website that you give away for free.  Also, it could be a product or a Webinar with you.

I mean there’s a lot of things you can do to give away extra value.  Could even be like a Facebook mastermind or group coaching, anything like that, that basically gives people an extra incentive to want to buy from you over the other people out there. 

Tip #5 – Build an Audience

Most affiliates, like I said, this kind of comes back to tip number one is we’ve kind of come full circle.

Most affiliates, sending traffic straight over to the product sales page and they’re bypass them.

Basically, this traffic in not getting to know them at all.  My traffic gets to know me because my business is not those affiliate products.

My business is me and it’s my audience and the relationship that I create with them.  And so, I’m more focused when I’m promoting affiliate products on building my own list.

First, I want to get them on my list because if they don’t buy this affiliate product today.  They may buy another one from me down the road and I can do this by putting pixel on my website and creating custom audiences inside Facebook.

I do this with creating lists.  Obviously, you know, like an Aweber having a subscriber list.

That’s probably the number way for you to do it, but you’ve got to be building your audience.

You’ve really shooting yourself in the foot and you’re starting over from scratch at the beginning of every single month.

So, I hope you’ve gotten some value from these five tips.  Like I said, if you really want to dive deep and want me to show you exactly how I do each one of these things.

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