5 Strategies to Build a Strong Online Brand to Attract Royal Customers

By | July 26, 2018
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Think about the people and companies you purchase product or service from.

You buy from people and companies that have credibility and authority. You buy from people and companies who have build a strong image in your mind.

Your customers buy for the same reasons you have. They buy from business that have a strong online branding.

Here are five strategies to establish a strong online brand:

Strategy #1 – Publish Off Site

Publishing is a good way to establish a brand for your business. Each content you create represents who you are and what you stand for. Your personality carries through in your content.

If you publish on other sites, you’re able to reach out and attract more customers. You’re able to develop a strong brand.

Publish online on:

  • Blogs
  • Article Directories
  • Other Websites
  • Newsletter
  • Syndicate Your Content

Publish offline on:

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Journals

Strategy #2 – Networking

Networking, both online and offline, helps establish you as a real person. It helps you connect with others in your industry and your community. The more people you connect with, the stronger your brand will grow.

And don’t forget social networking sites. Each interaction, post and comment is an invaluable opportunity to strengthen your brand.

In face, social networking is one of the most effective tools you can use to strengthen your brand.

Strategy #3 – Be Consistent

Consistency establishes a strong brand. If your personality changes from communication to communication, your prospects and customers can become confused.

However, if you’re consistently thoughtful, funny, controversial, or serious then your brand will get stronger. This includes social networking interaction, email, article and content, video and interviews.

It’s one of the most important reasons why you should be your authentic self when you brand your business.

If you brand your business to be controversial but that’s not your personality, it will be difficult to hold onto that brand image.

A small business owner’s brand is often their personality. It may be emphasized but it’s still uniquely you.

Strategy #4 – Share

One of the best ways to strengthen your brand is to share. Share a photo or video of yourself instead of a logo or a graphic image.

Share stories and experiences as they related to your topic. Also share knowledge. Host workshop and seminars. Host online classes.

Share information that’s important to you as well. The more people get to know you and who you are, the stronger your brand will grow.

Strategy #5 – Give Stuff Away – Especially Content

Finally, consider giving things away. Everyone likes to get something valuable for free. And you can brand your giveaways. Encourage people to share your freebies with others.

For example, you could write an eBook and brand it to your and your business. Give it away for free and encourage others to share it and the information inside.

Each person that reads your amazing information will gain a positive image of you and your brand.

There are many strategies to strengthen your online brand to attract customers. You need to remember that people buy from people we trust and like.

Embrace your unique personality as your band and supply it to everything you do. You will attract more customers naturally through your brand personality.

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