Why a Mailing List is Important For Your Home Based Business

By | July 15, 2018

mailing listYesterday we talked about how important it is to conduct market research to find out who your audience is and what they really need in order to find solutions for them that they really want and need to buy.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about mailing lists and why they are important tohave even if you’re just an affiliate marketer.

Some people will tell you that email marketing is dead. I call BS on that. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what kind of marketer you are, the saying: “The money is in the list”. Is as true for them as it is for you, maybe even more so.

As an affiliate marketer, if you build a highly targeted email lists, you’re going to be able to use that list to give yourself a raise pretty much whenever you need it.


In the marketing world, email marketing is considered “permission marketing”. This is a term cointed by the best marketer of all time, Seth Godin.

Seth tells us that collecting someone’s email information provides us the” … privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want them.”

By getting people (not just any people, remember who your audience is) to sign up for your mailing list, in order to receive relevant and timely information about issues that they care about, and the ability to learn about the solutions that they need.

You’re being given a responsibility to provide them with unique and useful content, products and/or services that will make their lives easier.

Most people need to hear about product or service multiple times before they buy it. Plus, most people want to get to know the people who are recommending products and services to them so that they can build a trust.

Your email list is the perfect place for all of that to occur. Sure, some people will go to your website, and buy what you want them to buy the first time they go to the site.  But most people aren’t.

Most people are going to sit on it and wait. While they’re waiting, they might as well receive important information from you via their email inboxes.  It can help them make the right choices. (The right choice to buy what you’re recommending.)

if you have not been building a mailing list because you thought it was all about social media, you’re making a huge mistake.

Email marketing is not dead.

Email marketing is still the main source of marketing that works very well today. It works better than any other form of marketing ever in the history of marketing.

Of course, there is some danger of starting an email list before you’re ready. When people sign up for an email list, or a email newsletter, they want your information.

If you don’t send them information right away, they will get disappointed at first, but then they later they’ll forget about you.

In fact, if you don’t send them info right away and they forget about you.  Then you remember you have the list and start sending them information, they might even get mad.

So, don’t make that mistake.

Create an email list now and start sending the people who sign up information now.

Fortunately, email list software today, like AWeber, is simple to use.  It allows you to reload information for your sign ups. So, there is no excuse not to start now.

As you build a targeted list, you’ll be able to market to that list 24/7 365 days a year. Most of your marketing will practically be automatic.

You’ll have to get people to your website and to your sign up form with great content, and give them a good reason to sign up.

You can provide a free eCourse, a weekly newsletter about your niche, a free eBook, a checklist, or something else entirely.

Use you imagination but work toward getting your target audience to sign up for your list.

This list is going to give you the most opportunity to make a lot more money. I promise you that.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog post.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about why you need to stop promoting random products and instead offer solutions to your target audience.

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